Masters Degree in Microfinance Management

Masters Degree in Microfinance Management


     In partnership with the Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development Institute (SAIDI) School of Organization Development, CMDI offers the MA in OD major in Microfinance Management program. The SAIDI-CMDI partnership has done 6 offerings since 2005 with a total of 102 students (ten of them have completed the program). The program is designed for mid-level microfinance managers to complete over 12-14 months while working full-time at a branch. A total of about 5 weeks intensive classroom work is conducted at SAIDI and CMDI by practioners of OD and microfinance (3 weeks at the beginning of the program and 2 weeks about a month after the first 3 weeks) Then, students receive regular mentorship and feedback over the course of the program . The required thesis is designed in coordination with CARD mentors and entails the implementation of measurable organization changes and improvements at the students place of works . CMDI offers the master program to two cohorts of 15-30 students each year.

    CMDI offers the following six cognates, comprising 15 of the program’s 36 units (21units in Organization Development is provided by SAIDI – School of OD).

  • Microfinance Principles and Practices
  • Key Issues on Microfinance Policy and Regulations
  • Microfinance Methodologies
  • Financial Management
  • Practical Issues in Microfinance Management

     Enrolment in this program may be done anytime at SAIDI or CMDI.

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     In May, the partnership in advanced microfinance education for current and potential managers broadened to include US-based Southern New Hampshire University, School of Community Ecomonic Development (CED) a world-class academic institution known for its Community Economic Development program. The first offering of the MS in CED major in Microfinance began on July 14, 2008


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