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High technology is all about thinking ahead of the world and having the guts to apply that mindset into reality before anyone else does. It is not James Bond’s monopoly. Rather, it is everyone’s tendency to think ahead and be ahead.

Compelled by a thrust to keep itself ahead, CARD MRI took a big leap by setting yet another milestone — it has given birth to CARD MRI information Technology, Inc. (CMIT).

We, the CMIT, had our humble beginnings as the IT Department of CARD Bank, Inc. and CARD Inc. in a small room within the CARD Executive Office Building. Being a protégé open to transformations and aware of the dynamism of our parent companies, we went unravelling and fulfilling the needs of a microfinance-oriented platform while anticipating the evolution of technology.

Now, we are adopting quality standards and processes to be able to deliver beyond CARD MRI’s requirements. You can expect a paradigm of “more, faster, and better” as we are heavily investing in powerhouse casting — from human resources to network infrastructures — to ensure that we can deliver our promises and surpass expectations.

Today’s economy does not have a place for slow-movers and late-comers. However technology impacts the world, we shall help you conform to changes while adhering to your traditional strategies.

Even with the awards and recognitions that our mother institution is garnering, we would like to push the envelope even further. Wherever you want technology to lead your business, CMIT can take you there. It’s time we show you the way.

We are the CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc. And we are reshaping the future of microfinance through technology.